Thursday, July 26, 2012

The grand confession!

As a small child I had this (bad?!!) habit of thumb sucking.
My parents, especially my mom had tried many things to stop this habit but nothing could prevent me from doing so. Whenever I found myself in deep sorrow, this habit was my last resort providing me with the much required relief. The relaxing effect it had on me was so intense that during night, I always went to sleep with my right thumb inside my mouth. And it was my mom’s duty to take it out once I have slept and to remove the silky smooth blanket which I used to rub with my other hand. Thus, this habit was like a constant companion to me, helping me, consoling me in my very difficult times.

I am not sure when I had really started this habit or when I had really put an end to this, but I remember that I continued this even in my 1st standard. Let me proudly announce this to you now that I did it even in my class room! No! Not in public in front of  all those girls whom I silently admired and those who silently admired me – no kidding here ;-) -, but by hiding my face on the desk in a sleeping posture, making sure that they won't catch a glimpse of what I was doing.

Smart, aint I?? Yea, I know!

I remember my mother had applied “chenninayakam” on my thumb in an attempt to stop me from doing this.  Chenninayakam  is a bitter substance that even grown ups won't dare tasting it and applying it on the thumb was a common and highly effective tactic used by many moms against their thumb sucking child.

And I must admit that she almost succeeded in her mission. The bitter taste of chenninayakam kept me away from finding my relief for many days, until that day when I finally decided to put an end to my mom’s (bad!!!)habit of applying this damn thing on my thumb every 10 minutes.

That was my first under cover operation, at the age of 4!

My first task was to find out the secret place where she was hiding it.

The refrigerator! I found out.

The second task was to steal it from there and destroy it for ever.

And for that, I waited for the right opportunity. The opportunity  I know was that small time window of 30 minutes when my mom would be having her well earned after noon nap!!

I waited.

That day after giving me food, she applied chenninayakam on my thumb as usual. She smiled at me as I gritted my teeth.

Ok, this will be the last time. My eyes told her.

She then kept the chenninayakam inside the refrigerator, took me to bed and started the Himalayan task of putting me to sleep. And I slept very fast that time for her surprise and satisfaction. After all that means she would get some extra time for her own sleep.

Poor she!
She was totally unaware of my devilish plans and was in deep sleep within minutes.
I waited for some more time just to make sure that she will not be disturbed as I get up.

“Failures are unacceptable!”, I told myself.

I got up quietly without disturbing her and moved tip toeing to my enemy’s hiding place.

I opened the door slowly and searched in a frenzy to find it in a small plastic bag deep inside the refrigerator.

I took it with the bag, closed the door, went out of the house and threw it away as far as I can…

And as I saw it lying far away in a distance, I knew that the mission was accomplished.

No, not yet.

I went back to my mom, and started sleeping with utmost content.

And as I woke up, I could hear her complaint that the chenninayagam was found missing from the refrigerator. I was the last person in her suspect list!

Misson accomplished.

It took her almost 25 years to know the secret of the missing chenninayakam. I only told it to her as a grand confession during an afternoon tea time chat with family.

Hearing the story, she came round the dining table and caught my ear.

“So it was u?!! I was searching the entire house for weeks! Have u got any idea how difficult it was to get one????! At least u could have saved me from the trouble of searching the entire house….u could at least…..”

And I had to interrupt her…

“But mom, without chenninayakam itself I managed to stop this bad(?!!) habit, rite??”

“Yea yea, good that you stopped it by urself. Otherwise u would have been doing it even now and even in front of ur wife”, she told looking at my wife and then winked.

“So is there any other stories that I don’t know?”, she asked again.
“Let the right time come and I myself will let u know….”, I winked back….

Sreeram R. Warrier ;-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


“Who is looking after your child?”
“Oh, so finally they agreed to come, ha? That’s great news. So r u happy now? Everything is back to order??”
“What order?!! We both are struggling to look after our child. And now that he has started walking, it has become really difficult…”
“But you said parents are here to look after him?”
“Then what is the problem?!!”
“We both have to go to office, right??”
“Yes, so??”
“That’s the problem!”


“Ok ok, tell me….How they are managing your kid? They must be having a great time with him, right? Btw, how long they will be here??”
“Your Parents in law…..”
“That I can answer only if they come here”
“Oh, so it is your parents who have come here!”
“Then who is taking care of your child??”
“Whose parents?”
"His parents!"
"His parents???"
"My son's parents!"

Sreeram R Warrier.. :D

The perumjeerakam story, repeats!

“Ok, so you got all the items listed?”, looking at him who had just returned from the super market, she asked.

“Yes, everything was there!”, he replied and then went to the kitchen to have another cup of tea.

As he was sipping through the cold tea, his mother called him again.

“Oh mom! What now? Once again u forgot to add something in the list, rite? I just came from the shop and I am not going back there immediately. We will see in the evening. Why you always forget? U need jyothishbrahmi!”, the boy did not like the interruption in what he was doing.

“Ok, next time when u go to the shop, buy one for me. But before that u tell me what this is?”, holding a small plastic bag she asked him.

“Jeerakam! See, it’s written over here”, the confused boy snatched the bag from his mother and showed her the name tag.

“PerumJeerakam.”, corrected his mother.

“Yes, Perummm….Jeerakam. I didn’t see the other one. So?? It’s also jeerakam! And it’s big!!!”, he made his point.

She looked at him. Innocence was written all over his face. She could not control her laughter.

“Again he brought PerumJeerakam instead of Jeerakam??”, his sister too joined his mother.

“Yea, I did. From now on, u go to the super market to buy these stupid things. I quit!”

Ashamed of himself for repeating the same mistake again and again, he quipped at those laughing faces and darted out of the kitchen.

More laughs were heard from the kitchen.

Years passed away. The boy is now the father of a one year old.

“Ok, so you got all the items listed?”, looking at him who had just returned from Medical Store, she asked.
“Yes, everything was there!”, he replied and then went back to his laptop.

As he was busy browsing through the facebook pages, she called again.

“What is this?”
“Facebook, don’t you know??
The scream was so loud that he had no other way than to look up at her. She was carrying a packet of cerelac.

“Cerelac 4.., anything wrong with that?”, he was confused.

That’s it. She couldn’t bear more…. By magic, the packet suddenly grew wings and it flew out of the window.

As he was following the imaginary curve drawn by the packet finally ending at the window, he heard her voice again...

“Why u r like this Sreeram? I asked you to bring Nan 3 and u brought this??!! How many times u will repeat the same story??!!”, more screams and then silence…....

He returned his gaze to her angry face.

"U r more beautiful when u r angry", disaster management that was so premature as she started searching for more items to throw away.

"Ok,hold on, hold on... U really are!! But at least I did not bring PerumJeerakam this time, rite??”, he replied calmly to an angry wife and then walked back silently to the medical store.....

Signed : 
Sreeram R Warrier :-/

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


It was through some common friends that my father first met him and slowly they both became friends. I remember the day when my father first told me about him. Even though it was difficult for me at that time to understand his bussiness, I was able to catch up that he was the captain of a ship that sailed all around the world through out the year.

'Kappithan'. That was what they used to called him.

I was doing my pre-degree at that time and was still a very much confused teenage boy about the 'what why where how' etc of life.

Sometimes I dreamt myself in place of Yuri Gagarin, the Russian cosmonaut who first went to space, the very next moment I wanted to be a play back singer like Yesudas and then I imagined myself to be in the Indian cricket team. Naturally the prospects of sailing through the vast ocean, facing the unknowns, and the risks associated with it interested me and this person became another cult figure for me.

And one fine day we met.

He was our guest during an Onam holiday. A man in his early fifties who did not look that old for his age. He gave the impression of a gulf returned malayalee with his golden wrist watch and clean shave. He was very cheerful when he spoke and yet I could sense a very good commanding power in him.

"And why not, after all he is the captain of a ship", I told myself.

We did not talk much as I was not sure about what to talk. Just a few sentences and I retreated back to the kitchen as if to help my mother. That was an old but very effective trick which I always used to my benefit whenever I found myself uncomfortable in front of guests.

"Cm'on, sit with me", he asked me several times during the lunch, but I did not.

I was nervous.

"I will sit later along with my sis", was my polite reply but in reality was just another of my highly effective tricks. I feared the questions he may be asking during these times.

Finally after another hour or so, he left the house thanking my Dad and Mom for the excellent lunch. He gave me special thanks for serving him the dishes. Yea, to avoid sitting with him, I had taken up that role.

While leaving he gifted me a cool t-shirt and an expensive scent. I was thrilled at the very thought of wearing the new t-shirt and going to my college spreading the rare male fragrance.

"Tomorrow I will take my seat beside Reeba", the silent decision was quick and I thanked him.

Days passed by. The t-shirt became old, the scent dried up and his memories started to fade. Occassionaly my dad used to tell something about him and that was the only time when I used to remember him.

From my father I came to know that he had built a very huge house somewhere near to his ancenstral property and was planning to quit his job. He showed me the photos of his bunglow and it was really impressive, complete with a glass dome at the very top. Was it three storeyed? I dont remember now.

"That is where he would sit and drink whisky all the day", my father pointed to the dome and said. And We both laughed.

For another year I did not hear much about him and I had almost forgot him.

One day, my father told me that kappithan was left with a very huge debt and he was once again going to join the same company which he had left few years back. I just nodded and did not pay much attention. I had other cult figures by then.

And the next news that I heard about him was that he was dead.

"He was in Mumbai for almost a year waiting for some shipping companies to hire him, but it did not work out", my father said.

"And so he had to return jobless?", I was curious.


"What about his debt? His family"?

"He sold his house for a good amount and with that he managed to settle most of his debts. He was in his ancestral home with his family when he suffered his second heart attack and yesterday he is gone."

I looked at my father. For a moment, the old memories came flashing up in my mind. The handsome face, his confident attire,everything. And of course, the t-shirt and the scent.

I was having a bad feeling about the whole thing. I could not imagine that he would suffer such a miserable end. This was certainly not like my hero!

"You did not recognize him when he came to see your father last time, didn't you?", my mother asked me in a very sad voice.

"When? We met only once and that was.........", I stopped in between as the shocking reality hit me hard.

"It was him??", I couldn't believe myself.

I stared at her in doubt as the images of a man started flashing in my mind....

The images of that man, who smiled at me when asking for my father,
That man, in wrinkled shirt and dirty pants,
That man, whom I had asked to wait outside and closed the door before going to call my father,
That man, who had disappeared when I came back with my father.......,
That man was............?????

Then, at that moment I could clearly make out why his smile slowly started to fade as I was closing the door. At that moment, I could clearly make out why he was not there when I came back. At that moment, I had answers to all those mysteries related to that stranger whose thoughts were puzzling me till then......

The answer was simple and made perfect sense.

That man was Kappithan!

Oh! How I failed to recognize u?!
From heaven if you could look down to earth, then please see me, hear me,

"I am so sorry......."


Sreeram R Warrier :(

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Reply, from God.

It was a busy Monday morning. Time was close to 9 a.m and I was preparing myself to go through the morning rush. Its hectic out there!
As I was heading for my tooth brush this news in the Education Plus magazine of The Hindu daily stuck into my eyes.

“A challenging task ahead for Anna University.”

“Well, that was something that I had already said many times to myself”, I thought.

I went through the news and its content really really really made up my day; especially, the line that said,

“Realising that the Anna University, Chennai, could not make a head start for the mammoth task ahead without an effective academician-cum-administrator as Vice Chancellor, the bill has a clause to send home the incumbent vice chancellor who is on a one-year extension.”

You must be wondering why I am so against him.
Here is why......

A request made to the VC, Anna University....
Sreeram R Warrier,
TANCET 2010 Registration No: 11323311,
TANCET 2010 Application No: 31824.

The Vice Chancellor,
Anna University,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Respected Sir,

Sub:- Counseling/Admission for M.E through TANCET during the year 2010- reg.
Ref:- Call Letter No: 6171/EA4/TANCA/2010

Kind attention is invited to the reference cited, copy of which is attached herewith.

My name is Sreeram R Warrier and I earned my B.Tech degree from Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology under Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala during the year 2002 with Register No: 18600 (as on the final semester marklist). I have nearly 8 years of combined industrial experience in Digital Signal Processing and Embedded systems and currently I am working as Senior Software Design Engineer at Visteon Corporation Chennai, an MNC in automotive domain.

I have appeared for the above mentioned Entrance test and scored 54.214% marks and a rank of 27. I was asked to be present at the counseling centre on 18-8-2010 with the required documents but I was not able to produce my Transfer Certificate during the same. All the remaining documents were produced and were verified for their authenticity by the authorities at the counseling centre. I have informed the authorities that there was not enough time to fetch the Transfer Certificate from my native as I received the Counseling letter in hand only on 15-8-2010. I also informed them that it will be produced within a week’s time. But they did not listen to my claim and offered me the options of either being adjudged as Absent for the event or Rejecting the offer and I was forced to choose the latter as both would mean that I will not get my desired seat. I was helpless. To my great sorrow, I was informed elsewhere that lack of production of T.C in original is not a valid reason to reject a qualified candidate’s claim on the seat that he deserves. He may be provisionally admitted giving a certain time to produce the document. Even now I cannot believe that the effort that I have put for almost one year could go in vain like this when there are ways to handle such cases in a more responsible manner without compromising the whole purpose of competitive examinations to put the right candidate on the right seat and the vision of educational institutions to spread knowledge to those who deserve.

Under these circumstances I humbly request you to look into the matter and the seat which was rightfully mine may please be restored to me. Soliciting a favorable reply,

Yours faithfully,

Sreeram R Warrier.


These are the several emails that I had sent to the VC, Anna University. Please read from the first email at the bottom, in the order of date and time.
Respected sir,

I am inviting your kind attention into my case again.

As per the Lecturer whom I had met at the Enquiry desk, I attended the re-counseling (Phase - of the TANCET 2010 counseling) on 26-8-2010. I am pleased to say that I have completed the entire counseling formalities. My certificates were verified for its authenticity and everything was as per expectation. But in the end, I had to walk away with nothing.

On the particular day, I reported at the Front Desk by around 7.15 am. Though no seats were available in OC category, they allowed me to enter the counseling, if ‘I really wanted to’. But since they had made this decision after 7.30 am, I had to join the next batch that starts by 9.00 am (Please see the ‘LATE’ mark written on the attached file certs_verfd.jpg). They said they were helpless as the system is designed that way. (Humans who designed a piece of code becoming helpless in front of it, whenever there is a conflict in its behavior and human commonsense, is surely a case of Slave becoming the Master!!)

Coming back to the case,
I was thinking, if a little consideration had been given during the initial counseling – just like they did during the re-counseling phase by permitting me, a candidate who had rejected his seat out of frustration-, my dreams would have come true. I could have submitted my TC during the re-counseling. It would have been a win-win situation for both the sides.

All these clearly show that there needs to be a change in the process.

I am still waiting for your reply,

Yours faithfully,

Sreeram R Warrier
Sr. Software Design Engineer
Media Subsystem
Visteon Technical And Services Centre

From: Sreeram, Warrier (W.R.)
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 5:47 PM
To: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: FW: Tancet2010

Respected sir,

I came to Anna University on 24-8-2010 at 3.00 pm to meet the Vice Chancellor regarding my concerns on the way Tancet 2010 counseling went.
I was told by the lady sitting outside the VC’s desk that I should be meeting the Director of Admissions for matters like these. It was a constructive direction that I received from her.

I went to the building where the counseling is being held and was re-directed to the enquiry desk by the security.
I talked with the personal over there (A lecturer at Anna University, who is supposed to guide students) and she was really adamant in her opinion that I cannot meet the Director of Admissions.

Upon mentioning the normal practice of allowing the candidate to attend the counseling on agreement that he will produce the T.C later, I got the reply that Anna University has its own rules and I should not be dictating its rules.

She offered me the option of appearing for the re-counseling on 26th of this month. I told that I do not really have to choose any seat for the sake of obtaining a PG Degree in some discipline (I have come in terms with my personal loss), but my motive here is to bring this to the Director’s notice and avoid such mishaps in the future. I was faced with an abrupt ‘No’.

I told her that I have enquired with many academicians and educational consultants regarding this and everyone had the same opinion as mine. But she did not move an inch and told me that I am wasting her precious time. (It was funny to hear that as I had come all the way to the University extracting time from my business hours which needs to be compensated by working late in the office)

Finally, I told her that if I am getting blocked like these without getting any positive directions to the cause, I am left with no other choices than going legally.

From then onwards, the entire talk was fully ‘destructive’ and her advice to me was to ‘go to the court’.

At this point, I am really sad to say that, rather than helping a candidate in fulfilling his dreams, Anna University has chosen the wrong path of shutting down the door in front of him. Now the University is obstructing him from doing something good for the society.

What will be the fate of India if educated people are behaving so narrow mindedly towards a noble cause?

This letter is to bring to your kind notice the way things are handled at the entrance of Anna University, which it claims to be one of the prestigious educational institutions in India.

Expecting a positive response,

Yours faithfully,

Sreeram R Warrier
Sr.Software Design Engineer
Media Subsystem
Visteon Technical And Services Centre

From: Sreeram, Warrier (W.R.)
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 4:13 PM
To: ''
Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: Tancet2010

Respected Sir,

My name is Sreeram R. Warrier and I am working with Visteon Corporation, an MNC in automotive domain. I had written the TANCET 2010 and secured a rank of 27. Still I was not allowed to attend the counseling as I did not have the Transfer Certificate with me. This letter is to bring to your notice the injustice that has happened to me, to look into the case at a higher level so that such incidents are not repeated in the future and if possible to bring justice to my efforts.

(Sorry for sending the e-mail again)

Yours faithfully,

Sreeram R Warrier
Sr.Software Design Engineer
Media Subsystem
Visteon Technical And Services Centre


I never got any reply from the person who adores the respectable seat of The VC, Anna University. I never got any reply from any of those people mentioned in the CC .

Only I know the effort that I had spend to reach this high amongst 50,000+ aspiring students in the exam. That too after being away for this many years from my academics, that too compromising on the quality time that I could have spent with my fiancee, friends and my family back in Kerala.

I seriously think that injustice had happend.

I seriously and sincerely wanted them to read my plea and reply with atleast a word of consolation.

Nothing more..., just a reply saying, I did well....

I got the reply now, from God....

Signed: Sreeram R Warrier :-/

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is how it happend: Part 3.

3-2-09 Tuesday Morning 2:45 am


I must admit that God is not biased to anyone.
When Binu’s first wish was mercilessly turned down, his second wish was granted whole heartedly.

So eventhough the airhostesses were all old, I got my seat near to a lady.

"Fair deal", I thought in the dim light.

Then as I sat near to the beautiful lady, my eyes got adjusted with the light inside and I discovered that she was older than the air hostesses.

"Thank you God, that was a good one!",
I thanked Him, appreciated his humor sense and went to sleep which lasted almost throughout the flight.

“This happens only in Cinema”, I sang in tune to a familiar hindi song.

After all, 'Hum Tum' was only that much.

By around 9 25am, I reached Paris and the connection flight to Detroit was at 10 45am. To even my surprise, I managed to find the right terminal. The story inside AF-373 was a repetition except that there was no one to sit near me. All my fantasies about missing the flight in Paris and roaming around with an Indian fairy started looking very stupid.

I turned on the TV, switched to World Cinema and watched “Bachna Ae Haseeno”. It sucked.

“This happens only Only ONLY in Cinema”, I hummed again and drifted into timeless space.

3-2-2009 Tuesday 3.15 pm

Detroit Airport.

The renowned US customs was totally fooled and I smuggled 5kg of rice, 2kg of sugar, peas, grams etc into the US territory. It was freezing cold outside. But people were standing there waiting for taxi cabs.

I joined them.

Cabs were coming and people were leaving and I was still standing there thinking what to do next. At last I tried what I had seen in Hollywood movies to catch the cab.

I raised my arm as stiff and high as I can and in perfect sync with those arriving cabs.

Nothing happened!!

Not even a single cab stopped by me. They just went past me to reach the whites standing over there.

“Racially discriminating as*****s, ba*****s”, spraying them with foul words, I somehow controlled my sudden rage to hit them and run.

Finally after a number of failed attempts, I asked another white who was watching me all these times to know that those were all booked cabs and the pre-paid taxis were available on the 4th floor, other side of the building.

“Well, the story begins now!”, I thought.

On my way to the pre-paid taxi counter, I asked another white for directions and she cut me off so rudely saying that she doesn’t need any cab right now.

As I was searching for the pre-paid counter (my only experience with the pre-paid services was the one for auto rikshaws at Thambanoor railway station and there used to be a long queue always), another white came to me and asked whether I was looking for cab service or not. On nodding yes, she took me to her cab, helped me put my luggage inside and finally dumped me with a Sikh driver.

"Fine, atleast he is from my country.Mera Bharat Mahan!!"

Although I had heard a lot that most of the Indian taxi cab drivers are Sikhs, I never expected that my first cab driver in US will be a Sardarjee.

He looked at me for sometime but his face was expressionless.

“I am also from India”, I told him as I sat myself in the car.

He just nodded.

“Poor guy must have had a fight with his wife early in the morning”, I tried to console myself for his cold response.

He asked me my destination and I started searching for the piece of paper on which I had written the address.

Its gone!

The sardarjee's face was turning red. I feared that it may explode at any moment and I told him the address from my vague memory.

“Oye Maloom hain”, he just accelerated the machine in full throttle pressing me against the back seat…..

5 minutes later....

Slowly the ice broke and we started talking. Though I started my conversation in English, soon I switched to Hindi and out of excitement I even switched to Malayalam in between. He seemed to understand whatever I was saying or at least he nodded to all my pauses.

I talked to him during the whole span of the short journey. He asked me about the climate in India, the state where I belong, how I learnt Hindi etc etc and then about the Mumbai terror attacks. He even showed me the 25 different ways of Nuking Pakistan.

After about 30 minutes of non stop talking with hindi songs playing in the background, he dropped me infront of TownPlace Suites, Foxdrive, Livonia (This was what I had told him).

And it was time to pay. My first in dollars. To an Indian.

He charged me only 40, even though the meter showed 46.

"Sasriakal", I said in style.

He looked at me and smiled.

"Sasriakal", he said and drove his cab away as I carried my luggage to the hotel front desk.

As I was entering through the door, my mind was recollecting all the Hollywood movies that I had ever seen.

"I can handle all situations, Hollywood has got it all baby…"

I approached the front desk. A black was sitting there.

I noticed her name-tag in a short glance.


She raised her face sensing someone standing in front and our eyes met. Well, I know what is going to happen next, I have seen enough Hollywood movies to handle every…...

“Aah u Wazhie Sheezham? Aah u goin 2 zheckin tonyt??”

“Eh??”, I starred at her.

I need sub titles...!!

“Aah u goin 2 zheckin tonyt?!!”

“Ah, yes!”, it took me sometime to recover.

“Ok, I need your Credit card..”

“Here!”, My James Bond smile returned.

She squeezed the money out of it and handed it back to me.

“Thank you sir! Your suite is 221, and that is right there in the other building, 2nd floor. The staircase is over there towards the left and if you want to use the lift, it is at the extreme right of that corridor. Here is your swipe card. Have a nice stay at Townplace suites, Livonia. We were waiting for you…..”, once the card worked, she became very friendly!

3-2-09 Tuesday, 4.20pm

Suite No 221, Townplace suites, Livonia.

I dragged myself and my luggage into the room and switched on the lights.

“Clean!”, that was the first word that came out of me.

In addition to the bed room, there was a well equipped open kitchen, a locker room and the bathroom and everything about it was very neat and clean. They even provide free internet access to its guests. I liked it.

I pulled out my laptop and tried to connect it to the access point only to learn that I do not have the cable with me. I called Ebony again and she gave me one long cable to use. I liked her too…

I sent out mails to my near and dear updating them with my safe arrival.

So here I am.
Alone, in the land of opportunities.

Signed Sreeram R.Warrier ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is how it happend: Part 2.

3-2-09 Monday night 9.00 pm

Apartment, Chennai.

Packing ,dinner and even dressing up to the occasion (and I am telling you, this is the important stuff!) were over.

I had to catch the flight at 2:30 in the morning.

Since global economy had gone for a trip to Mariana trench, I borrowed my roomie’s (BinuRC) big bag to carry my stuffs. I also borrowed his winter coat, his gloves, his cap, his thermal wear and almost everything which he had purchased for himself when he was abroad.

"See man, how deep our friendship is. Foreigners should learn from us", I said this to console him although he paid no attention.

All bbye stuffs were over, all do’s-n-don’ts instructions from my mother were over and even the waiting for the cab.

"Bbye mates, I will be missing u all…..".

Binu even hugged me and wished me a safe return. I was taking away his stuffs with me!

2-2-09 Monday night. 11.00 pm

Chennai airport.

It was a good feeling when all the cars around me turned to the domestic flights terminal and we headed towards the international. I had managed to drag Binu along with me to the airport. He was experienced, so I let him do everything for me. He brought the trolley, he loaded it with my luggage, he pushed it to the terminal gate and then we waited.

Binu was looking a little tensed.

“What man, why r u looking tensed?”, I asked.

“I was praying for your good”, and that was his reply.

"He started missing me already??", I was in confusion.

“I was praying that ur adjacent seats shall all be occupied by men”, he whispered in the same tensed tone.

“And the air hostesses are all old and…”, and before he could pray for more, I had to divert his attention to a foreigner standing nearby.

He got busy until my flight was announced!

Signed: Sreeram R.Warrier ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

That is how it happened (Part:1)

09-1-2009 Friday morning.
My office in Chennai.

I had just reached my seat.

A sigh of relief came out from me and I thanked God Almighty for keeping it exactly where I had left it last night.

And I could hear similar sighs from adjacent cubicles.

Yea, nobody knows when they will take away your seat!!

"So they still need me!", I thought as my heart rate started dropping to its weekend value.

"Ollrite...,Cool.....,So lets do it!", I switched on my PC and let the mouse pointer look for outlook express. They kind of like each other.

"A good day in office begins with good e-mails. They are as refreshing as morning coffee", I thought and
this philosophy is shared by all of my friends.

I opened my outlook and mails started popping up. As usual they were in plenty.

"They never lets me down!",
most of them were from my RIT and CDAC buddies.

And as the dedicated employee in me was going through each and every e-mails carefully, this one hit my eyes.

“Request for Sreeram to US”

“What u mean, To us???” Raised eye bro!

I read it again.

“Request for Sreeram to US”

“To US?? You mean, to The US.., United States of America???”

Eyes popped out.

Come on dude, this is early morning and you are not supposed to send prank e-mails like these.

I looked around. All were looking busy. Ok, that’s normal.
I checked the date. 3 more months to April. Safe.
I pinched myself. Ouch!
Finally, I checked the authenticity of the sender and the email itself and…., and…..,

The shocking realization! Looks original, baby!!!!

I know that the project is totally messed up and it is the recovery plan of the recovery plan that is going on but.....,

"Is he mad??"

I went to confirm this with my manager and she seemed to be in a bigger shock. I imagined a chain of shocks passing from me to my manager to her superior etc… that was funny!

“They want to absorb me to their location”, I told my friends.

“They want to move him from here so that others can work unhindered”, my friends had a different version.

Watever it was, the fact was that I am gona fly.

And that is how it happened.

Signed: Sreeram R.Warrier ;)